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A bird soars high above enjoying the wind beneath its feathered Wings, the endless beauty of Green fields and the sound of birds chirping in the distance. On her daily trip, she notices other creatures, both the powerful and the weak. Amidst one of her regular flights, she notices a leafless tree. 


Unsure about whether she should approach the tree, she hesitates before eventually picking up flowers from a nearby flower field to cover up the dry tree. After a number of trips back and forth between the flower field and the tree, the tree blooms. As the realization dawns on the tree that the bird is the cause of it blossoming, it decides to capture the bird. 


As Bird is leaving to continue its daily journey, the tree opens its branches and entraps the bird. Unable to free itself from the branches, Bird realizes it will not be capable of overpowering the tree in its current bird form. Recalling the Lion being the most powerful creature she had seen, she then transforms into a lion, keeping her wings. A flying lion is then born. 


Her new form allows her to break free from the trap set by the Tree, opening its branches up to escape. As she lands on earth, she loses her wings and transforms into a lion. 


After much self-reflection, the free lion remembers its true giving bird form. It then decides to transform into a tree that releases free birds that can, in turn, help other trees.


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The young giraffe looks at her reflection in the water and realizes how beautiful she is. Her mom whispers in her ears “You are beautiful inside-out, Never let anyone make you feel anything different. Always stay tall ”.


The free-spirited giraffe was astonished by the beauty of the wonderful little creatures hopping around the savannas.She wondered if one day she can be part of their world.

While the little creatures were confused by the giraffe’s wish, the bee was unwelcoming and said: “You can’t be part of our world, you are too big to fit in our little lives”.


The giraffe started to feel uncomfortable in her tall figure and bends. She started to question herself “I don’t think I am beautiful anymore.” The butterfly was shocked by the self-doubting giraffe’s new posture. She whispered in her ears, “Stay tall”.


The bee advises the giraffe “The only way to fit in our world is to go to the “special” flower field. It is the place where all the big creatures go to be smaller.” The bee leads the giraffe to the “special” flower field where she eats the flowers and says her wish “Let me be smaller in size, special flower”. As the giraffe got smaller and smaller, her heart is now full of joy. She can now fit in their little world.


The charm of the new world started to transform into darker and narrower spaces, with tall grass and small creatures swarming in fast movements. While the giraffe was trying to fit in and move, her neck started to bend down lower to the ground. 


The butterfly told the giraffe that bending down only means losing herself and standing tall means being capable of seeing her inner beauty. The butterfly whispered back into her ears, “You are beautiful inside-out, Never let  anyone make you feel anything different. Always stay tall ”.


The fluttering butterfly guided the giraffe back to the “special” flower field, where she turned back her wish and regained herself. The tall giraffe was able again to see her beauty within the water reflection and finally listen to her mom’s voice.

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